Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accent Mani for Thursday- L'oreal and Wet n Wild

Afternoon Nail lovers! I hope your Thursday is all you hoped it would be! The plus side, only one more day until the weekend! :) It's been one of the longest weeks ever here in the bluegrass! We've had temps in the upper 70's to upper 80's with what feels like 100% humidity. Yesterday was so awful I felt the need to take 3 showers with this sticky ickness! So far, today hasn't been much better! 

With all of that being said, one of my "plus-sides" to yesterday was the Mani I thought to throw together! It's glam meets girly! It's the perfect soft pink which on it's own would be a beautifully muted look. I added a bit of sparkle with a nail polish I'm now considering to be a "hidden gem"! 

I used 3 coats of L'oreal's Penthouse pink on all of the fingers except the ring finger. On the Ring finger I used a .99 cent polish from my local CVS, It's a Wet n Wild Wild Shine Polish in Sparked. 

Can we just take a second to look at the beauty of this glitter! It's a beautiful Rosy glitter mixed with with the same sized Silver glitters in a clear base. It's Opaque in 2-3 coats and just sparkly as all get out!!!! 

Penthouse Pink was a little harder to apply. It's a pink/white polish which I love, however it's somewhat streaky and took 3 sheerish coats to become opaque. 

Here it is! :D 
 Without Flash

 With Flash

I tried to capture the beautiful glitter in this polish but it seems to make my camera go a little crazy! It's such a beautiful "Foil" type quality glitter. The L'oreal color is easily duped by other white/pinks such as Essie Fiji, OPI Pink Friday, and I'm sure many others you may already have in your collection! 

 Without Flash
With Flash

I hope you enjoyed my Thusday mani, I'm sure I'll have more for you soon! Have an awesome Friday and leave a comment below telling me your favorite combo with a glitter accent nail! :-) 



  1. Penthouse Pink is gorgeous! I've never tried any L'oreal Polishes!!

    1. I hadn't either and I was skeptical. They are actually really nice. The formula of this polish has much to be desired, but it's so pretty I don't mind struggling through it. :-)