Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mani Monday- Glass Slipper Mani

Happy Monday nail lovers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, though I know they are never long enough! I've been battling with my dry and awful looking cuticles all weekend, and I'm hoping that they will take care of themselves sooner than later! 

But, today I wanted to share the Mani I did on Sunday! I debated on if I wanted to do a blog post about it or not, because I did feature the base color in my "Top 10 Polishes for Summer 2013" blog post... But, I decided that it was pretty enough to share! 

I ordered China Glaze's Fairy Dust from amazon and to my surprise it arrived earlier than I thought. I resisted temptation of removing my previous manicure for a whole day before I had to find something to layer this beauty over! :-) With that said, I'm sure you'll be seeing it in many nail art tutorials to come! :-) 

The finely milled glitter was so hard to capture on camera and I honestly feel as if it made my camera go a little "cross-eyed"... I tried to get some good shots for you, and I hope you can truly see how beautiful this effect is! 

~Bahamian Escape: A bright powder blue cream polish. This polish has a wonderful application, 2 even coats and this color is fully opaque. It's a beautiful color on it's own, added in a gradient, and also with a glitter top coat. 

~Fairy Dust: A beautiful silver holographic micro glitter. This polish is too sheer to wear alone, 1-2 coats over another polish and it gives a beautiful subtle shining effect to your manicure! 

 Without Flash
 With Flash
 With Flash

That's it for today! I'll have more swatches and more Mani's to come in the future! I hope you're Monday isn't too hard on you! Smile and have fun! :-) 



  1. It's looks adorable!!! I love fairy dust :-)

  2. I love a "beachy/summery" in the winter months, it sort of looks cool and different amidst the darker colors typical of these colder months;)