Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorite Spring Nail Polishes

How are you all doing! Happy Spring! I hope you are all doing well! I want to say that Spring is one of my favorite times of year! I love the birds and the blooms. It's such a happy time when everything comes back to life, and probably one of my favorite Nail Polish Seasons! :D What's yours? 

I have been so busy with work that I haven't been able to make a post so.... 

Buckle up! It's been a long time since I have posted a blog post and it's going to be a rather long one!!!! Good news is that I will be posting more often and I have some awesome goodies coming to share with you all! As well as these polishes which you can probably find me wearing at any point in time this spring! 

First on the list is OPI's Burst My Bubble! This polish is the perfect sheer pale pink that actually leans to an off white! Beautiful formula, very chic and very elegant! Heads up ladies, this will have a VNL!

China Glaze Sweet Hook. This polish has a good formula, no streaks or bald spots. A pale lavender with a drop or two of pink, very complimentary and very spring appropriate! 

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Lacey Lilac!!! This color is like Easter on your nails!!!! It's probably my favorite purple of all time!!! The formula is a bit thick, I usually add a few drops of thinner and I'm good! This is one of the new polishes I DO have a backup for!!! 

OPI's You're such a Budapest! This color is just perfect! 2-3 thin coats and you're good to go! It's almost a periwinkle purple (if there is such a thing!) It is going to be a great toe color this spring!

Zoya's Pixie Dust in Stevie! I just could not get my camera to capture the beauty! I must have taken 30 pictures of this one bottle of polish! It's so sparkly and so stunning on the nail! It's a purple with purple and silver glitters and it looks like me like there are slightly larger silver glitters mixed throughout! It's an absolute dream to apply! 2 thin coats and you're done! It's an amazing polish and is a must have for any spring collection!!!!

Another FAVE is Zoya's Perrie! This color is a purple  pink. It's such a beautiful color and would even work going into spring! It's super easy to apply, 2 coats with even application, no streaks, no bald spots. This color looks fabulous on your toes too!! 

This is probably going to be my go to color this spring! China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle! I cannot say enough good things about this color! It's smooth, creamy, and just makes me so happy. It's a perfect periwinkle color with a creme finish, perfect application again!

 The next polish Sinful Colors Cinderella. Ladies.... This color truly reminds me of being a little girl! The formula is not great! It's a very sheer polish so you must layer or put over white if you want it truly opaque. This color also makes other blue polishes look truly ethereal! It reminds me of all things pretty... Glass slippers, fairy wings, sparkling rhinestones... You get the point! :-) This polish is a showstopper and only around $2.00! 

OPI Can't find my Chzecbook is an amazing creamy dreamy teal color! The formula is somewhat thin, but for the color I can total deal! The color is amazing and reminds me of a Robin's egg blue! It would be stunning with a gold speckle polish over top or even a silver! This color is one that I am truly excited that I invested in! 

Zoya Kristen... A beautiful powder puff creme blue... It's perfect for the rainy spring days, and the beautiful spring nights! Perfect application, would look great on any skin tone!

Essie Mint Candy Apple has a cult following! This color has been seen on fingers and toes a plenty! Formula? Eh- Well... The formula leaves a lot to be desired. I can deal with the formula as the color is a mint that leans to a blue. It's almost like a mint blue white on your nails (I'm not the most descriptive). If you have tried mints with no success I would recommend picking this color up! 
***Another suggestion would be Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Mint Sorbet (around 3.00 at the drugstore). 

OPI Garganuant Green Grape... This color is a true pastel green with a few drops of yellow thrown in. It's a little on the sheer side so probably 3-4 coats to be opaque (or you can make a jelly sammich).

OPI Liquid Sand in Pussy Galore (Named after the famous bond girl)... This color is one that I heard so much about last year and did not know what the all the hype was until I tried it! OMG! It sparkles in the sun like shimmers on your nails! It's a pale pink with a magenta glass fleck (I wish I could have captured!) It is stunning, simple, elegant, classic! In love! <3

Sinful Colors Soul Mate is a beautiful Coral color. It has a wonderful application, wonderful creme finish and perfect in 2 coats. You can find this color in drugstores for around $2.00!!

Orly Rage is the most perfect Rose gold polish to ever live in IMO. The color is very metallic, very true rose gold. Would go great with any other spring color as an accent nail, and you could honestly get away with one coat if you were in a hurry! I put 2 coats on the nail wheel and top top coat here. 

OPI you glitter be good to me. This color is perfect over pink or purple. I love to layer it in between OPI Don't Burst my Bubble as Jelly, or use it as an accent nail. If you wanted to be super sparkly and glam you could always make it opaque in 3 coats (2 shown above). 

Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond. I'm not going to lie... I bought this polish for the name (total Pink Floyd Fan), however, I am soooo happy that I did! I love this micro holo polish even more than I love China Glaze's Fairy Dust! This polish is an amazing top coat over any polish and adds that extra bit of sparkle to drab polishes or when you need a pick me up!

China Glaze Don't Make a Spectacle. This polish, OMG,... This polish! It is so dainty and so perfect. It's a topper for sure with iridescent glitter. I love this polish over mint green and pink. It's simply beautiful!!!!


I know this was a super long post, but you cannot say that I did not warn you! I hope that you enjoyed looking at the polishes as much as I enjoy wearing them! Let me know if you own any of the above mentioned polishes, love them, hate them, want them? 

Let us know down below what your favorite Spring polishes are!!!! 

Christy from WTN