Sunday, September 21, 2014

Square Hue- 9/14 Sydney

Good Morning Beauties! I hope you all have had a wonderfully relaxing weekend! Yesterday we spent the day watching Netflix and making some casserole! Needless to say it was a pretty relaxing day which gave me time to catch up on my swatches! :D Today will be a bit more eventful as we will be heading to the nearest city to visit the Apple store! I started having issues with my battery on my phone so we called tech support and they confirmed that I have a bad battery! :( It will be good to get out of the house and fiddle around! I also plan on stopping at Starbucks to take advantage of the B1G1 free on the fall drinks! :D 

Now that I've chatted your head off, let''s get to the real reason you came here! I have for you the 9.14 Sydney Collection from Square Hue. I was so excited for this collection and it was a pleasant surprise when I got it in the mail!!!! The polishes are beautiful and truly represent everything that is fall! As always, the quality was amazing and up there with any other high end. So far out of the 6 polishes I have received none of them were hit or miss! 

Let's get started! 

Square Hue is a monthly subscription box that is just $14.99 a month, plus shipping and handling. What I love about this box is you get three FULL SIZED polishes with plenty of polish to do manicures again and again!

I did not do this in my last review, but I want to talk about this packaging! I am in love with the way these pretties come packaged! It comes with some worms and an insert that is specifically cut for their polishes! Let's not get me started on the unique square bottles! *gasp*


The first polish up is Oxford Street which is a liquid gold Micro shimmer that for some reason appears a bit more orange in this photo. It is most definitely a true yellow gold! 

Application wise this polish applied flawlessly, it needed  coats to be opaque and there were no brush strokes! I think this color is going to be perfect for the fall time as it reminds me of crisp leaves! 

Next up is Crown Street which is a beautiful rust orange with micro shimmer. I am not typically into oranges but this color has a true grit to it. It has this gold running through it that is just perfect! 

This polish was also a two coater with perfect application and consistency. This polish will also be one that will be perfect for fall as it reminds of a cheery and bright rustic pumpkin!

I saved the best for last! King Street is a beautiful brown that looks like pure chocolate on your nails! When I started swatching this color I could not take it off!!!! I actually had someone say they just "want to lick my nails"! (I know, totally random). But outdoors in natural light the red undertones really comes out making this look like Dr. Pepper on the nail! It's a MUST have for fall, it's TRULY stunning and just gorgeous! 

This polish seemed to have a consistency of a crelly but applied like a creme. There is 
NO shimmer in this polish and it is a straight creme polish. It applied flawlessly in 2 coats. I've already said my part about how much I love this polish! But let me also tell you, it stamps like a champ! 

My last picture I decided again this month to marry all of the polishes together to do a look with all three! I had a few different looks in mind but this one is the one I chose. Overall I really like how this look came out! I did a gradient with Oxford Street & Crown Street and then stamped over the with a design from the Pueen Buffet plates with King Street. I think it looks so rustic and vintage! What do you think? 

Check out Square Hue at these places:

Subscribe to this subscription box here:

More information on Square Hue:
- They are 5 free
- They donate portions of proceeds from each box
- They are made in the USA
- They are NOT tested on animals

I hope you enjoyed this review for the 9.14 Square Hue box! I am in love with all three colors in this box again! I think these boxes are totally worth it! You will not be disappointed! 

Christy from WTN

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Square Hue: Subscription box review

Hi ladies!!! I hope you all are having a fantastic week! I was lucky enough to have Monday off so I'm only two days into this work week with only two to go! I have to say that I really needed that extra day off!!! It's been so rainy and dreary in Kentucky that I almost want to change the color of my polish by the hour! I'm sure I'm not the only girl who's ever been there! Come on, admit it! ;)


Today I have for you some swatches and review of a nail polish subscription box!!! Square Hue is a monthly subscription box that is just 14.99 a month, plus shipping and handling. What I love about this box is you get three FULL SIZED polishes with plenty of polish to do manicures again and again!

Another thing I have to mention is their packaging!!! I am in love with the square bottles! The bottle shape really sets them apart from other polishes and looks so classy, sleek and elegant on my wall racks! When I received my package I was so impressed by the packaging when it arrived. It came nestled in a box and super secure!

The polishes I received were dated 8.14 and were part of their Beverly Hills collection. I received Rodeo Drive, Cannon Drive, and Wilshire Drive. I'm sure you're interested in the swatches and formula, so let's get into it!


First up is Rodeo Drive and this is a beautiful gold metallic polish with micro shimmers throughout.

I was really nervous that this polish was going to be streaky. But I was wrong! The polish applied smoothly and evenly in two coats was completely opaque and shimmery!

Next up is Cannon Drive. This color is a gorgeous Orchid color! It is a satin polish with a glossy finish.

I usually do not like polishes with a satin finish, however this one went on with no streaks what-so-ever and was opaque in two coats!

The last of the three polishes did not disappoint!!! Wilshire Boulevard is a gorgeous cobalt blue satin with a glossy finish as well.

This polish applied much in the same as Cannon Drive. I am in love with the color! Opaque in two coats and super prettty!!!!

I wanted to get a bit creative and incorporate some nail art with all three polishes! Below I've done a gradient using the gold Rodeo Drive as a base. I love the way this turned out!

I thought I would take it one step further and do a stamping this gradient and I'm glad I did. I feel as if it's truly stunning.

Overall I have to say that I am IN LOVE with these polishes! The size of the polishes are comparable to all of my high-end polishes. I would say the formula is very much comparable as well. Please don't hate me for saying this, but you're wasting your money on Julep!!!! I would recommend this subscription box to my friends and family, and of course all of my extended family (yes, you!) You cannot go wrong with quality and price!

Check out Square Hue at these places:

Subscribe to this subscription box here:

More information on Square Hue:

- They are 5 free

- They donate portions of proceeds from each box

- They are made in the USA

- They are NOT tested on animals

I hope you all enjoyed this review and swatches as much as I enjoyed doing swatching and writing it for you! I hope you all have an awesome day! Let me know if you have tried or will be trying Square Hue!


Christy from WTN

Monday, July 28, 2014

Swatches: My-Stash- I'm Baroque & Jibber Jabber

Happy Mani Monday ladies!!!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I spent the weekend riding around the Bluegrass state and watching some tele with the Hubbs. We took a 300 mile ride in a huge circle and got to go through a few cities I've never been though. :-) It was nice to get out of the house!!! :-) We stopped a Flea Market and I found this darling Mustache ring which I will use with  following My-Stash swatches! 

Today I have some swatches for My-Stash Lacquer! You know how much I love Danielle and her beautiful creations!!! 

First up is Jibber Jabber! This is a glitter packed polish with white rectangles, black round glitter, blue, yellow, purple and holographic hexes, I'm sure there's something I'm missing in there!!! 

Application is flawless, as standard with her polishes! I paired this polish overtop a pink and blue gradient! 

The next polish is probably my favorite! In fact I will be ordering a full size bottle for fall!!!!! It's too stunning to not have a full size!!!! It has a blue shimmer that is just so dreamy and reminds me of fairies, or gypsies! It's going to be the PERFECT fall shade!!!!!!!!! My pictures could not capture this polish! TRUST ME, you need it in your life!!!!! 

I'm Baroque is a gorgeous glitter combo with black, pink coppery mini glitters, and blue and what appears to be orange irridescent flakies! OMG!!!!!!! This polish looks like a galaxy in your nail!!!! 

Application was a little thick, but I can totally deal with it and has NO problems with applying!!! This is a must have polish!!! At $6.25 a bottle, this beauty is a steal!!!!! 

 A huge thank you to Danielle with My-Stash Lacquer for sending me these beauties to swatch!!! 

All of her polishes are gorgeous! They have a beautiful application and apply flawlessly! Her polishes are true beauties! I would definitely recommend getting your hands on them! Her polishes are $6.25 with very reasonable shipping!!!! 

You can find her polishes HERE for purchase! 

You can also find My-Stash Lacquer below at the following links: 
Instagram: @mystashlacquer

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful polishes!!! As always, thank you for reading and let me know what you think of these polishes below!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Shimmer Polish

Good evening beauties! I hope you are all doing well and have had a beautiful week! :) I have been so busy and so unmotivated as of late! I am blaming it on this HOT Kentucky weather! :D 

Today I have a very large post for you so I am going to get started! It's so large and so full of beautiful bottle shots that I decided to break it down into 2 reviews of 6 as I have a total of 12 beautiful glitter bombs to share with you! 

I have been drooling over Shimmer Polish for quite some time!!!!  I was fortunate to receive these polishes from Cindy at Shimmer Polish. I have 6 beauties in this swatchfest which are all named after her family and friends! 

The first polish is Celine. She applies like a beauty! Celine is a red glitter bomb in a red jelly base with gold holographic sparkles! 

This polish surprised me! When I put it on my nails I was INSTANTLY in love! I applied 3 even coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite as a topper! 

The next beautiful polish is one of my favorites! Cleo is a beautiful fuchsia jelly with purple, pink and teal glitters. It almost seems to have somewhat of a duo-chrome finish to it! 

This polish has to be my second favorite out of the lot! It's so beautiful and sparkly! I am truly in love with this polish! I applied 3 even coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite. 

Julie is a true glitter bomb and a Birthday Party in a bottle! There is a Rainbow mix of glitters that together would look great paired with any other polish or on it's own! 

This Polish is one that will not collect dust in my collection! I  could see wearing this polish on a girls night out, to a birthday party, or even to a Mardi Gras party!!! For the pictures I applied 3 coats of polish and one coat of Seche Vite. 

Then we have Sarah!!!! She is a teal blue/green glitter bomb with purple and it looks like silver glitter mix! 

Sarah is probably my #1 FAVORITE polish in this round! She is TRULY stunning and mermaid like! I cannot say enough good things! This polish applied evenly in 3 coats, and I applied 1 coat of Seche Vite. 

Vicki is a beautiful pink and silver polish topper. 

This polish is so dainty! I applied two even coats smoothly over OPI "I Theodora you". 

This from Shimmer Polish's description: 
Vicki is a wonderful mother and survivor of breast cancer, this polish is made to encourage and support the fight against this disease!

*Donations will be made to support Breast Cancer Research!

Nichole, Nichole, Nichole! This polish is a gorgeous patriotic blend of silver, blue, and red glitters! 

This polish is near and dear to my heart! My husband and I were married on the 4th of July, so this polish will be one that I will be breaking out for years to come! I was in LOVE with this polish!!!!! I applied 1 even coat over OPI "Dutch Tulips" (red) and Morgan Taylor "Making Waves" (blue). I topped off the look with one coat of Seche Vite. 

I know this was a long post! I tried to make this post both as informative and short as possible to give you all the details and honest review as well as lots of swatch pictures! 

I am VERY impressed with the quality of these glitter polishes! They were VERY easy to apply, very unique to my collection, and super shimmer the way glitter polishes should be! 

Customer service is amazing! Cindy communicated when my package was on its way and shipping was extremely quick! 

These polishes retail for $12.00. Considering how unique these glitters are, I feel her polishes are priced very well! I would recommend her polishes to any of my friends or family! Infact, I used one of her polishes (coming up in my next Shimmer review) on my Niece's best friend of her prom! It was truly beautiful! 

If you are interested in purchasing Shimmer polishes, here's where you can find them: 

For custom Polishes, e-mail inquires to:

I hope you enjoyed these swatches and review as much as I enjoyed them! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: My-Stash Lacquer Califonia Collection

This week has been the longest week in history! Can you believe it is only Wednesday?! I am desperately awaiting Friday to sit at home with my husband and do much of nothing, as we have no plans this weekend! 

Today I'm coming at you with another My-Stash Lacquer review. Danielle was so sweet to send me two of my favorite polishes from her new California Collection! I have to today to review '805 Jive' and 'Sea Breeze'


Recently Danielle has decided to change her brushes from skinny round brushes to wider flat brushes. I was so excited to be able to try her new brushes! I have to say that the new brushes are fabulous!!! The brushes allow for a fabulous flawless application that disburses an even amount across the nail! 


The first of the polishes that I have to review for you is '805 Jive'. It was opaque in two even coat and dried to a glossy finish. On my middle finger I have applied one coat of OPI's Crown Me Already and on my ring finger I used a white base with a black stamp from Fab Ur Nails Fun plate. I applied 1 coat of Seche Vite to top off the look.

This polish is truly beautiful! It has a silver shimmer throughout and it just perfect, feminine and dainty! This polish would be perfect for work, date, or just plain all the time! This is for sure one that I will not be removing from my collection!

The Next polish that I have is 'Sea Breeze'. This polish was still a bit sheer with two even coats and could probably use three. This polish also dried to a glossy finish as the first one did. On my middle finger I applied China Glaze's I'm not Lion with another Sephora by OPI chunky silver and gold glitter. On my ring finger I have again a white base with a stamp from the Fab Ur Nails fun plate. 

This blue polish has a shimmer gold reflect which is breathtaking! It reminds me of looking at the water with the sun high! You get that same golden shimmer that you would get from the sun shining on the sea! This polish is also feminine and dainty! I see every age group adoring this polish when it is on their hands or toes! I am excited to put this polish on my toes!

I know you have all heard be say it before, but it's so true that I will say it again- My-Stash polishes are a must have! With the quality and beauty of her polishes, they are a STEAL at $6.25 a bottle!

You can find her polishes HERE for purchase! 

You can also find My-Stash Lacquer below at the following links: 
Instagram: @mystashlacquer

I hope you enjoyed these polishes as much as I did!!! A HUGE thank you to Danielle at My-Stash Lacquer for sending me these polishes!