Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: Tip Top South Africa

Good Morning! :) I'm so happy it's Wednesday! I hope your week hasn't been too hard on you! I thought it was spring, but it turns out winter isn't ready to let go! Monday night I went to bed with my AC on and Tuesday I woke up having to use a snow brush before I went to work! The day went on as usual! How is the weather where you are? :-) 

Without further delay-

I have a review for you! I have five beautiful polishes for you by Tip Top Nails South Africa!!! I have heard so much about these polishes from other bloggers and other nail pages, and was so anxious to try them out on my own! 

Feeling blue-tiful is a super beautiful bright/navy blue. This color is absolutely beautiful! I did not want to take it off of my fingers! :-) The color went on perfectly in 2 coats, no streaks and am absolute DREAM to apply! It was so smooth and easy to apply! 

Get the Party Started is an amazing neon pink, somewhat of a crelly finish (almost jelly, almost creme). My camera wanted to freak out when I was trying to capture this beauty! The color is just amazing! I can imagine wearing this color on my fingers and toes while on the beach! It takes me to a special place! It is such a beautiful color. I might add that there is NO top coat on any of these polishes, I was expecting this one as a neon to dry to a matte finish, but it was so squishy! Applied perfectly in 2 coats!

No Way Rose is the prettiest rose shade that is perfect for young or old and I think it would also be beautiful on any skin tone! :) It is also so smooth and so easy to apply as well. The color is brilliant and is perfect for any time of year! This will be a color that I know I will be grabbing for! 

I Can't Tel a Lilac is a duo ended polish with a deep purple- leaning a bit navy and a pearl finished light purple color on the other end. I have to say that I LOVE the look of these two polishes together! It mixes light and dark together and is very fitting for any skin tone! Formula is excellent! 

I Pink I'm In Love is another double ended polish it is a pink/coral and pearl finished light pink on the other end. The pinkish coral applied beautifully and I could wear it alone anytime! I really wanted to love the pink pearl as I have nothing like it. However it was a bit streaky and difficult to apply evenly. I had brush strokes a plenty with this polish.

These are the five polishes which were sent to me by Tip Top Nails South Africa in consideration for review. I give honest opinions in my reviews and would never attempt to mislead you with purchasing any product! 

I have to say, my overall review of these products is that they are amazing! They apply like a dream and are extremely durable! Please head on over to their Facebook Page to like them and to see what great tips and products they have! :-) 



  1. Wow, they are gorgeous! I especially like the neon pink. It seems to be go to lately. These are beautiful, and shiny!! Huge plus ! Your blog is so informative!! Going to look them up. I'm curious about other two way polishes. It was a perfect match! Thanks, girl!!

  2. Love these colours, I can't tel a Lilac is beautiful, I love Purples and this is amazing. Thanks for sharing these with us xx

    1. Thank you dear! I like the purple a lot actually!

  3. I must say your article are very well written of the Tip Top nail polish products! I think the noen pink & the Lilac looks fab.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed! The neon pink was by far my favorite! It's so squishy and bright!!!