Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Liquid Glam Lacquer- PLUS RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hey there Ladies! I thought this past week was never going to end! Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seems like everything that could go wrong, does? I don't like to complain too often so when I do you know that it has been something that I have really let get to me! 

I don't know about you, but I love this time of year! I love watching the trees bloom and the flowers grow! This time of year is also the busy time of year for weddings!

Today I have some swatches for you from Liquid Glam Lacquer. This is from her newest collection released on May 1st, the Lets get Married Collection!!!! This collection is so fitting for this time of year and the polishes are all fitting for all year! I thoroughly enjoyed this collection... So let's dive in! 


Happily Ever After is a rosy but iridescent polish that shimmers and shines with gold, pink and purple. I layered it over China Glaze "In a Lily bit" from the City Flourish collection. 

This polish applied very smooth! what is swatched is 2 coats, as you see this glitter is very sparse but it gives the perfect amount of glitter to layer over practically any color! Stunning glitter topper! 

Tie the Knot is such a stunning polish! there are iridescent glitters, red glitters, small sheer hearts and black bows! I put this over a white polish by Sinful colors and for the ring finger I stamped using a Moyou London plate and a Pure Ice silver polish. 

The bows is what made me fall in love with this polish in the bottle. When I applied the polish the red glitters made me swoon!!!! The red glitters were so sparkly and beautiful! I did have to fish for the bows, however that is to be expected when they are mixed with the smaller glitters. I found that putting the bottle upside down for about 30 seconds assisted in getting them out. This polish is just beautiful! 

Platinum Ring is a beautiful silver polish with micro silver glitters. I applied it with no undies, and topped with a top coat. 

This polish is beautiful! I did find that it was a bit streaky during application, however when I applied top coat it seemed to smooth it all out and the streaks mostly disappeared. Without topper it dried to a slight texture finish with a very pretty satin finish. 

The Reception is a beautiful beige crelly polish with a variety of colored glitter through-out. No undies in the swatch and about 3 coats gives an opaque finish with NVL. 

I liked this polish so well that after I was finished swatching I applied to both hands and wore this beauty to work! This polish is work appropriate for any office job! I applied a Matte Top coat which really helps show the different color glitters. This polish is going to be a favorite for me and will definitely be a staple to my collection! :)

 The Bouquet is a pale pink crelly polish with bright pink hex glitters and iridescent hexes throughout. Applied beautifully in 3 coats with little fishing for the larger glitters. I stamped on the ring finger with a MoYou London stamping plate and a Sally Hansen insta-dry polish. 

This polish is gorgeous! It is so beautiful and dainty and has the right about of color and sparkle! I loved the application! Everything about this polish is girly, fun, flirty, and screams princess! I think this polish would be great for a wedding or a date night! 


These polishes by Liquid Glam Lacquer were beautiful! All polishes are a BIG 5 FREE and are hand blended!

Along with polishes she also makes other products for hands and skin which can be found HERE. I was lucky enough to receive a cuticle oil (which will be featured in a cuticle care blog coming soon) which was scented amazingly like peach! 

You can find Liquid Glam Lacquer here: 
Instagram: @liquidglamlacquer
click here for FACEBOOK

She is currently having a Mother's Day Sale right now until 5/11 which includes 25% off your entire order!!!! Enter code: LOVEMOMMIES at checkout! :) 

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed the polishes and am so thankful that I was able to review them for you! Please head on over and show her some love! :D





  1. Fantastic blog!! Hope this upcoming week will be much better for you, dear. Wow, can I just say how much I loveee the bouquet! So pretty!! Thanks for the discount code!!! =)

    1. Awww!!! Thank you Brooke! I hope so as well! I truly hope that you take advantage of this code! :-)

  2. Yet another great review. Awesome pics as well. Hope you get to feeling better