Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review: MDJ Creations

Hello Beauties! I hope you are all doing well and I hope that you all are doing well! I have spent the entire week sick! It's been a long week and have done much of nothing but lay on the couch, watch tv, eat snacks, and watch a few movies. I suppose we all need weekends like this! 

On to what really brought you here... 

These polishes by MDJ Creations are STUNNING!!!!! All of these polishes were truly beautiful and an absolute delight, including the fact that Melissa, the owner, is such a dear to work with!

When I first looked at these polishes I didn't think there was anything special about them, BOY was I WRONG! They all are so unique and truly were amazing and I cannot wait to share them with you, so here it goes! 

The first polish up is "Comet Chaser" from her Outer Space Collection. This is a Jelly based polish packed with glitters. I can pick out black, orange, and gold squares with micro holo hexes, larger black hexes, I'm sure there are some that I am missing! No undies in the pic below!

This is one of my favorites from all of them that I tried, mainly because I am in love with jelly sandwiches and this a jelly sandwich in a bottle! It is so squishy and beautiful!!!! you could wear this polish all year long, for any season. There was no "fishing" necessary and it applied effortlessly and so smoothly with a glassy finish! I would recommend this polish to anyone! 

This Polish is being Clearanced, PLEASE RUSH over if you want this polish!!!!

The second polish is a glitter topper named "Something to Celebrate" which is just that! This polish is so shiny, bright, reflective and cheery! It would be beautiful over ANY color! For my review I have placed this polish over China Glaze's "Make an Entrance". 

I can imagine wearing this polish for a birthday party, girls night out, New Year's Eve, Fourth of July, or just to feel pretty (because we all need a little inspiration at times).  It almost has a fairy tale quality to it! It was so easy to apply, pictured below has 2 thin coats! 

Macro of bottle to left and to the right 2 coats over China Glaze Make an Entrance. 

Next up I have a polish from her Gemstone Collection,  "Black Opal" which is a topper as well. It has holographic circles, black hexes and squares, silver holo hexes and squares along with very fine holographic bar hexes and iridescent flakies. I paired this polish with China Glaze "That's Shore Bright".

I didn't think that I would love this polish as much as I do! It's beautiful!!!! From far away it has that classic speckled appearance until your hand turns a certain way and the holo "Opalesque" catches your eye! I wore this polish and every time the light hit a certain way someone would say, "OHHHH, WHAT are you wearing on your nails?!"

Macro of bottle to left and to the right 2 coats over China Glaze That's Shore Bright
"The King's Bride" is such a delicate, beautiful polish! It has a variety of holographic glitters with bars, hexes, and iridescent flakies. I decided to show how delicate it is and do a gradient effect over Sinful Colors "Endless Blue", I used only one coat.

The Next time I try this polish I will be placing it over a white or a silver polish! This application was also great! I did not have to fish for glitter, it was so easy to place on the nail and spread out so smoothly! This would be perfect for anytime of year and would add a delicate touch to any mani! 

Macro of bottle to left and to the right 2 coats over Sinful Colors Endless Blue
The last polish is another one of my favorites. "Earth Bound" from her Kingdom Collection is a gorgeous holographic with multicolor glitters with various sizes. I used no undies, just 2 coats of this polish! 

This polish!!!!!! I want to just stop right there! Application was so smooth and was opaque in 2 coats. I did not recognize the holo in until I was in full sun or the right indoor lighting and the holo is sooo gorgeous! I need 2-3 backups of this bottle and will be purchasing a fullsize! I never want to be without this polish!

Macro of bottle to left and to the right 2 with no undies
I am so impressed with these polishes! They were all so very gorgeous with very smooth application, no fishing. I would definitely recommend these polishes to anyone who is looking for unique, beautiful and special polishes and am honored that I was sent these polishes for review! I would recommend her polishes to anyone!

I have included the information below for alternate contacts and ways to find MDJ Creations and would recommend that you check her out!

MDJ Creations is on:


Instagram- follow: @MDJCreations

I hope you enjoyed these polishes as much as I have enjoyed wearing them! A special THANK YOU to Melissa at MDJ Creations for working with me so I could share her beautiful products with you! :D


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