Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Super Nails

Hello again!!! I hope you have all been having a wonderful week! I'm finally starting to get back to my healthy self! My full time job has been insane and have had tons of things to catch up on! 

The weather where I am seems to have turned from "spring" to "summer" all of a sudden and we have bees and birds flying everywhere! How is the weather where you are? 

I was sent these three polishes by Super Nails for review. These three polishes are all glitterbomb toppers packed with unique and beautiful glitters. 

I tried to do something a bit different in this review and add some tiny and simple elements of nail art to make them easy to re-create and flattering for anyone while complimenting the name if the polish! 

The first polish is named after an evil Character from one of my FAVORITE childhood movies- The Little Mermaid!!!! 

Ursula is a glitter packed topper that is pictured with two coats. I cannot lie, the application was a bit tough, I had to fish for the larger round glitters and I ended up with extra tiny glitters, but this polish is so unique I would deal with the fishing again!!! 

Next up is Cruella which is a glitterbomb of shards!!! This polish is so true to Cruella Deville that I had to put over a half white half black mani to show all of the colors on one nail! 

Application is flawless and I LOVE how this polish dries to such a shiny finish with no top coat!!! For sake of this review I did use a top coat to seal in my pretties and make them shiny!!! 

The last polish is Tinkerbell which is multi-faceted green sparkly beauty!!! I placed the glitter over Essie's Mint Candy Apple which has more of a blue quality to show the true green of the polish and paired it with a bellow accent nail to compliment Tink's yellow hair! 

The application of this polish went on smoothly, similar to Cruella and I did not have to fish or dab for glitters! 


Overall I was pleased with the polish application, glitter pay off, and beauty! 

I am so happy that Super Nails allowed me to review these products to share with you and truly feel that these polishes have a good quality! 

I received my shipment very quick and customer service is wonderful! 

I've included other links for Super Nails below! :D

More about Super Nails: 

5-Free Indie Glitter Polish, inspired mostly by comics, holidays & food. Cruelty Free, Vegan, High Quality.

I hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Great blog!! I loved your extra touch by using it in a design. They are beautiful!